Importance of Window and Terrace Awnings

Terrace Awnings

Awnings fall among some of the most common ways of keeping sun and rain away from the commercial and residential properties. The most generally found form of awnings is window awnings; these are found in almost every house especially in the hot areas. Apart from the protection that awnings provide from sun and rain, there are other merits associated with them, the best of them can be demarcated as agents that enhance the beauty of a place.

History Of Fixed Awnings

The modern awnings were invented not very long ago but the use of these different sun and rain shade has co existed with humans since the time of inception. The difference that modern and traditional awnings offer is of course in the form of the materials they are build from and the working features they offer. Apart from the differences both the awnings serve a common purpose and that is to make a piece of property escape the effects of weather i.e. heat, cold and water. The traditional awnings were fixed and in order to place or remove them, more than one person was required whereas drop arm awnings available today can be easily controlled with the help of a piston. The vertical awnings today, can also be controlled in terms of the area they cover whereas the traditional ones were rigid. Window and terrace awnings available today are available in motorized options that require the touch of a button for back and forth function.

Awnings in India

Windows awnings

India is a country that lies in the one of the hottest regions on the planet. With sun raysfalling directly over the Indian plains, awnings find an inseparable relation from the lives of Indian people. Especially in the northern plains where there is scarcity of water bodies the heat, winter and rain all bestow the weather with extreme of conditions. The sun is at its glory whereas the clouds don’t shy in pouring thousands of liters of water. In such conditions, terrace and window awnings act as lifelines for houses and for people living in it. In India, the temperatures in the summers rise up to 48 degrees and the direct sun rays are hot enough to cause sun burns to anything that falls in their diameter, window awnings that act as a barrier to the rays most of the times lower the temperature by degrees. The capital of Delhi is one of the hottest areas in the country and if it was not for manufacturers and suppliers like Design and Decor Blinds, the levels of temperature would have frustrated a lot of people. The importance of these can be felt in and around the busy streets in summers where drop arm awnings in shops are installed in 100 out of 100 properties. The areas of Janpath and several other local markets are good examples of the same.

The use of terrace awnings is also something that people of India have a profound love for. We love to sit on the rooftops irrespective of the weather, and awnings facilitate the conditions that make us comfortable. Rains can easily be enjoyed sitting below an awning which otherwise has to be done from inside of the house. Awnings in some cases have also been used to provide shade to the plants in cases of extreme temperatures.
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