Global Collaboration

Think about it.

I’ve been working with teams from around the world for years now and I keep getting the same question, how do you do it?

Patience, communication and always open to newfound creativity.

I joke sometimes with my friends (colleagues) around the world that we sometimes seem annoyed or upset when speaking. Well, its not the case that we’re annoyed or upset, its we’re extremely efficient.

Someone told me that as we become closer and speak more frequently to our colleagues we tend to have more informal communication. Its true.

I’ve been very lucky to call my colleagues around the world my friends. They truly are and it’s made working together on a daily basis a more efficient and personal fulfilled experience.

The ideas.

Open your ideas to others and let them speak to it. Allow yourself to sit back and just watch the ideas morph into something grander. It’s important to allow everyone to apply input to an idea or problem you’re trying to remedy.

With global collaboration it gives me the opportunity to share my love for design, thinking and creating beautiful and useable products.

It’s amazing to see several people either sitting in a room or across the world solve a problem, together. The creative energy bouncing off the walls, the smiles and the laughs as you return to the most simplest of conclusions, is nothing but beautiful collaboration.

Same brain.

With my friends — i’ve been talking with designers, developers and some amazing people about what I like to call “Simple Thought”. It’s an method of changing your brains perception of the normal and reverting back to simple ideas.

The term “Story-like” is used way to much these days, but I’m referring to applying how we consume or follow simple flows in storybook form.

They make us feel that someone has been thinking about us, that a nice person took care of the little things for us. — iA

I’ll leave you with this.

I encourage everyone to take time to just think on a daily basis. Take a complex problem and simplify it. It doesn't have to be a formal setting, take a coffee shop you go to and dissect how you could make the coffee buying experience better. Make it a simple exercise with your worldly friends, I bet they have other ideas ☺

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