Part 1: The humble

UX Designer.

Breathe life into the living breathing product.

How does one explain what a user experience designer does? Many people have been trying to do this for years and now i’ll give it a try.

The feeling.

I guess you start with how one approaches life. Do you remember as a child or even an adult how you felt when you got something new?

Capturing that overwhelming feeling of excitement and joy is the accomplishment every user experience designer thrives for. It fuels us.

Bottling a feeling that complex poses its challenges. Take a second and try to describe that feeling in detail — you’ll notice it’s not one feeling, it’s several sensations combined into one euphoria.

Sometimes its an overwhelming ineffable experience.

The Conversation.

How do we design an experience that combines multiple sensations and creates the addictive connection and comfort when you get something new?

Listen to the users; draw out real intentions, emotions and not requirements. We’re only human right? Simple conversations are a great way to understanding what a user really wants. Body language is also key, as you can grasp a better attachment or reaction to a question.

Let’s tell the story of life, a written word that illustrates a visual utility to the life behind a brand and the emotional baggage it carries. Our lives are journeys defined by the experiences we encounter and manufacture.

The Maître d’.

Applying these emotions to hardware, product or even brand forces us to face many challenges.

Think of UX as the maître d’ (head waiter) of your digital experience. Typically a maître d’ is responsible for giving you the best experience possible.

We use methods to remedy emotional pain points and understand even the smallest detail that affects the consumer experience. With the goal of an effortless experience that’s comfortable and familiar.

The 11 senses of a UX Designer.

Written language, Graphic design, Sound, Motion, Information design, Interface design, Interaction design, Psychology, Sociology, Archeology, Anthropology.

User Experience designers are the ambassadors for the user.

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