Formed in 2011 by Tobias Baeck and Johan Bakken, Bakken & Baeck is an Oslo based digital design studio with locations in Germany, Netherlands, and the United States. Tobias talks to us about the importance of culture in a studio, working with startups, embracing randomness, and the evolution of their design collaboration software Wake. This interview was conducted via email in May 2018.

Founded in 2011, Mentsen is the studio of product designer Yasuyuki Sakurai and graphic designer Risa Sano. Having grown up in Japan, Yasu and Risa met while studying at the UAL: Central Saint Martin’s School. After graduating, the pair went their separate ways to pursue their design careers. 6 years later, Yasu and Risa decided the next step in their design careers was to start up their own studio. Mentsen chats with us about product design, learning from other studios and working in London. This interview was conducted via email in April 2018 with Yasu Sakurai and Risa Sano.

After building a reputation for his record sleeve designs, Michael C. Place needed a break from design. Taking a year to travel the world with his wife, Michael, upon his return to England, officially launched his design practice Build. 18 years later, Build has grown into a reputable studio in the field of design. Michael chats with us about working with his wife, relocating his studio, and finding your design style. This interview was conducted via email in March 2018.

While working for Google, Brett Bergeron and Brian Baker took a huge leap in their careers. Deciding to establish their own studio, Brett and Brian left Google to launch This Also. Brett chats with us about setting up This Also in Brooklyn, bringing on a business partner, and developing their studio brand system. This interview was conducted via email in February 2018.

Securing his first naming project when he was sixteen years old, A Hundred Monkeys creative director Eli Altman always had an interest in naming. After graduating UCLA, he went on to work as a brand strategist at MetaDesign in San Francisco where he helped position the naming process. In 2012, Eli transitioned to his current role at A Hundred Monkeys. He talks to us about his new book, working with his father, and studying design at school. This interview was conducted via email in January 2018.

After earning his law degree in Amsterdam, Daan Lucas started organizing large parties that created memorable and unexpected experiences for people. Constantly curious about creation, it was inevitable that he would push his talents further. After running a web and motion studio with his friend, Daan parted ways to create Random Studio in 2005. He kindly chats with us about finding inspiration in parties, the importance of innovation and setting up Random’s new studio space. This interview was conducted via email in January 2018.

De:strukt was formed in 2010 by Creative Director Riccardo Chapman. Rico talks to Designed Space about how De:strukt set themselves apart in the early days, landing their first big client, moving the studio out of his flat and gaining confidence in your studio. De:strukt currently shares a studio space with 6 creatives in Glasgow’s The Hidden Lane. This interview was conducted via email in September 2017 with Riccardo Chapman of De:strukt.

Folch Studio was founded by Albert Folch in 2004. After studying graphic design in Barcelona, Albert joined Base Design where he gained a wealth of knowledge about running a studio. While at Base he started to take on freelance work which eventually flourished into Folch Studio. Albert is also a founding father of the ubiquitous Apartmento magazine. Designed Space chats with Folch studio about the early days, editorial design, and how they manage 5 internal brands within the studio. This interview was conducted in August 2017 via email with Emmy Forss Koski, Vincenzo Angileri, and Albert Folch of Folch Studio.

STRV was founded in 2004 by David Semerad and his friend Martin Stava. Since then, the pair has expanded to 5 locations across the United States and the Czech Republic. After successfully launching two in-house apps, STRV expanded their Prague based headquarters in 2016. Designed Space chats with STRV about studio growth, keeping current with technology, and the process of developing apps. This interview was conducted via email in November 2017 with the marketing team of STRV.

Having worked together at Pentagram, designers Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth founded the publishing imprint Standards Manual in 2014. After three successful reissues of graphic design standards manuals, the pair inevitably founded their design practice, Order. Order opens up to us about giving back to the community, boring design and the creation of Standards Manual. Order currently is composed of four personnel: partners Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth, designer Nicholas Stover, and office coordinator Jessica Adams. This interview was conducted via email in September 2017 with Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth of Order.

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