Exploring the different Designer Radiators

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to buying radiators for your home, from style and aesthetic appearance to choosing the appropriate size and shape for the room that you’re heating. At Designer Radiators Direct, we have a huge range of radiators for sale, from classic vintage styles to the latest in modern designs and everything in between.
Many retro radiator styles remain popular today. Chief among these is the traditional cast iron design, which has been a classic style since radiators first came into common use in Britain during the Victorian era. This is not just for aesthetic reasons: despite advances in technology, cast iron designs are preferred by some for their functionality. Cast iron takes longer than steel to heat up but conducts heat very well, meaning that once it reaches the desired temperature it can radiate heat very effectively and over an extended period. Cast iron radiators also return hot water to the boiler, making the whole central heating system more efficient. We have a range of cast iron radiators, in vintage styles and more modern designs. Some of the former, including the Paladin Victoriana and Paladin St. Paul styles, accentuate the vintage look of cast iron radiators with baroque metalwork and a range of vintage paint finishes.
For all the benefits of cast iron radiators, steel designs have their own advantages. Steel heats up quicker than iron and radiates heat in shorter, sharper bursts, making it a more popular choice for towel radiators. We offer a range of traditional and modern towel radiators which combine aesthetic style with efficiency and functionality. Our products not only deliver efficient home heating, but also illustrate that radiators can go beyond being a functional appliance to contribute to the design and appearance of your home. Whether you’re after standard horizontal raiators, vertical designs, mirrored pieces, or even seat radiators, our collection has something to suit every taste and need.