Small Relaunch 2016

by Mathias Bachmann

The last redesign of my page is over one year old. Time for a small relaunch. Time to add more content. More content about my work, my thoughts, my experience and all about design, development and ui/ux.

New color scheme

First of all we have some new colors give designerdrug.NET a new fresh look and feel.

New color scheme of designerdrug.NET

As you can see the color scheme is much darker but it fits great with the new orange highlight color.

More Content

Its a new start to bring more Content for you. More about me, my work and my thoughts. A new About section where I’m introducing myself and gives you more details about me.

There you can also see some of my shots from Instagram.

Some examples from Instagram by Mathias Bachmann

I made most photos with my X100T and others with just with the iPhone. So feel free to follow me if you like some shots.

The Journal is the new blog section where you get articles and news about my work and snacks all about design and development. Lets hope it will be not just for development nerds like me. :)

Coming up next

That is just a small step to bring you more content. There is more stuff I’m working on right now and this new relaunch will get incremental optimizations. It’s just the beginning. And yes I will also publish more on Medium.

Do you have some feedback for me? Do you like my first post here on Medium? Hit ♡. Thank you.

Mathias Bachmann, based in Hamburg, is a German Developer and Designer with passion for innovative solutions. He works as Backend-Teamlead for the agency For Sale Digital and previously he worked for PiXELHEIMAT & location-based service SCOUPY in the Netherlands.

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