Latest Trend On Hand Painted Saree


The land of India is filled with culture and heritage which take shapes in various art forms, mostly in paintings. Hand painted sarees were one of the most creative and breathtaking ways of adorning sarees which mainly constitute narration of stories and anecdotes related to the historical origin and prevalence of the rich heritage of the country depicted in the form of pictures. Sarees have provided the perfect canvases for illustrating the dynamic traditional and social shades of the country through the ingenious dexterity of the country’s artists.

source: Odisha Saree Store’s Stories

Today, you can look for attractive hand painted sarees online with several unique hand painted sarees designs available at affordable rates. The Kerala cotton hand painted sarees are one of the most popular in this category. Silk and cotton sarees are commonly used for hand painting purpose as the colors are meant to stay permanently on such fabrics. Here are a few other trends in hand painted sarees that you can look for while shopping online.

Vines and Paisley:

Vines and paisleys make amazing designs for saree pallus (or saree borders). Vine chains along the edge of a saree accentuate the style and color of the outfit. Vine designs are drawn on a paper before designing them on sarees to exact the styles. Paisleys are fun yet intricate patterns and various unique paisley shapes are gaining popularity today.

source: Pinterest

The Peacock Design Saree:

This is one of the popular designs trending in hand painted sarees in which the peacock may be displaying spreading his fascinating colorful feathers or with the tail down. Several sarees are decked with intricate peacock feathers designed on the borderline or scarcely scattered all over the saree material. Copper, yellow, blue and green are often used to hand paint these majestic birds on the sarees.


Abstract Paintings:

Modern day artists are using sarees as canvas for their abstract art and such sarees are being appreciated on a large scale by the women folk of the country. Geometric shapes with metallic colors are among the most favored sarees that flash futuristic looks and are ideal for wearing in evening parties or festive occasions.



Murals usually depict famed scenes from religious or historical stories. Glitter and metallic paints are also used to design murals on sarees that add beauty and elegance to the sarees. These days fabrics with 3D effects offer a new definition of the hand painted mural design sarees.


Apart from the above-mentioned trends, new ideas in hand painted sarees are also gaining fast relevance. It can be said that this category of sarees will soon revolutionize the fashion industry.