After investing in multi-billion dollar companies across industries and advising hundreds of design leaders at Designer Fund, one of the biggest opportunities I’ve seen for designers to increase their influence is to demonstrate how their work aligns with the success of the business.

Often as designers, our natural tendency is to emphasize the importance of our craft, instead of focusing on the impact it has on the bottom line. …

As a founder, you need to hire the right people for the right roles to accomplish your business goals. Recruiting is expensive. It comes at the cost of your most valuable resource: time. And when it comes to hiring your first designer, the stakes can feel even higher. This person will give form to concepts that might exist only in your imagination or as a sketch on a whiteboard. Designers have the gift to bring your ideas to life.

The key to finding the right person for the job is to clarify your company’s needs. This guide will help you determine the kind of designer who will best fit your growing team — and it will help you understand the perspective of other first designers.

Nearly every startup needs creative help at some point in their lifecycle — often during key inflection points, such as raising funds, up-leveling into a new market, or communicating who they are to the world for the very first time. Freelancers, studios, and agencies can also be more than just an extra pair of hands; they can be strategic thought partners, helping you create work that is core to your business.

At Designer Fund, we have seen many productive, inspiring pairings between our portfolio companies and their external creative partners. …


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