Hi! I’m Steve, the Director of Marketing and Communications at New York Cares.
Stephen Streicher

Hi, Steve. Thanks for taking the time to read my retrospective. Since recently finishing up the UX Design bootcamp course at General Assembly, I have to say this was one of my favorite assignments. We were asked to pick an existing company or organization and determine a way to add to or improve user experience within their digital space. I told my teammates about NY Cares, and we quickly decided to pitch your organization as a project proposal to our instructors.

The project became personal for me when I realized I was one of the users we were trying to reach! I’ve been a member of NY Cares for several years, but had never signed up for a volunteer opportunity. It was interesting uncovering some of the reasons why and thinking about how to persuade people to take that first step.

At one point in the class, we pitched our projects to GA’s Web Development instructors, just to make everyones ideas were actually buildable. One of my concerns was cost, since as you mentioned, budget is a significant factor. One of the instructors said that some agencies will build sites & apps for non-profits at a reduced rate or even pro bono.

So, if your developers aren’t in-house, you might want to shop around some ideas to different agencies. From what I’ve seen, the tech industry has some good folks. :)

Best of luck with the next iteration. I look forward to seeing it.