Imperfect 10

Starting small and rippling…

2 weeks ago I wrote about how excited I was with my very first sale on Teespring, that earned me a tiny profit of US$0.37, due to selling at a very low price of US$15.

Still, it has proven to me that simple typography design do sell. Its really the message on the Tee and how it resonate with the buyer. But, how did that sale actually happened, since I didn’t place any ad for that particular design on Facebook. It couldn’t be from Designermomrocks Facebook page, as I only had 46 likes and engagement level was very low. I came to a conclusion, that it could be keyword search from itself. But I wasn’t quite sure.


I know I certainly cannot rely on just optimising keyword search, as there’s only this many words I can play with, with 10 tags. I need more exposure to Designermomrocks and drive more traffic to my store on Teespring. I wished I had paid more attention during my growth hacking class at Hyper Island. Its too late now... I’m pretty much on my own and I wasn’t going to let my MA go to waste.

Going back to the Hyper Island way, I reflected on why I failed to get any sale. Maybe having just a facebook page is not enough. I have ignored the power and reach of Instagram for the longest time, as I never use it on a personal level myself. With over 300 million users sharing over 60 million photos every day, the visual social media platform makes perfect sense for my quirky Tee designs.

Growth hacking mode

So Designermomrocks went on both Instagram and Pinterest, in an attempt to ride on free organic reach and growth hack my Tee designs exposure. Being new on Instagram, I have no clue how hashtags work. So engagement levels on my earlier designs on music, parenting, mom, couple niches were pretty low.


One day, while on my way home from work, I saw this lady wearing rainbow tights that made her legs look like layered rainbow cake (maybe I was a little hungry) and body-hugging white tank top, rushing for her Zumba class by the open space near work. It occurred to me that people do wear different apparels for workout and gym.

I started viewing the human body as an object. That shift in mindset changed my perspective and fuelled my creativity.

So I came up with ‘Shake it up!’ Specially designed for ladies taking Zumba, Cardio, Aerobics classes. I posted the simple but bold design on both Instagram and Pinterest. Instantly, I started seeing likes and slowly people started following Designermomrocks.

I noticed that it not only appealed to the ladies, but some men as well. So I decided to design a male version, ‘Pump it up!’. Targeted at the weightlifters and bodybuilders. Suddenly, there was an influx of muscular men liking and following Designermomrocks on Instagram. It’s like a dream come true! Better than targeting nerds and geeks. That inspired me to design more and more fitness niche Tees. Soon, there was this whole community of fitness folks, fitness apparels, personal trainers, bodybuilders liking and following Designermomrocks. I was even invited to share my content on NomNom fitness app. Which I did to gain more traction. Although, I still don’t know if I’ll be paid for sharing my content yet.

I have since created 14 fitness designs and a fitness store, Rep-On, on Teespring. And I now have 76 campaigns running on Designermomrocks store, 133 posts with 340 followers on Instagram and 17 followers on Pinterest, 48 likes and 9394 people reached on Facebook. All in a short duration of 1.5 months, since I started Designermomrocks.

Ten units sold

So far, I have sold 10 Tees of 5 different designs and made a humble profit of US$104. Not enough to break even my investment of US$131 on Facebook ad yet. But at least I’m not far off.

This morning, someone from across the globe thanked me for designing, ‘Our hearts Bern together as one’. Even though I only sold 2 units to an elderly lady who bought one for her husband and one for herself, it has made my day. This is truly limited edition at its best. Only 2 in the entire world! Its amazing how I can design for people I have not met, in countries I haven’t not set foot on… That’s pretty mind blowing for me.

Rippling effect

Some boast earning hundreds of thousands selling limited Tee designs on Teespring. The company even minted at least 20 millionaires. I believe its possible. But its a lot of work involved from researching to designing, targeting, growth hacking, customer engagement and also management of social platforms.

I have no idea how far I can go with my humble beginning. I know I am making ripples from the little red dot. And its a good start.