Feeling Up The Pages: An Intro.

A year ago I found myself switching back and forth between two books to ease into the 2015 New Year. The first one being the epitome of perfection, Americana, by, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the other being the antithesis of such in every sense of the word, 79 Essays on Design, by, Michael Bierut. I was struck by the ability of each form to trigger a strong emotional response of opposing forces, without even diving into much of the texts themselves at that point. The differences between these two don’t go beyond the authors words, the style they inflict upon them, or the themes they produce—they really never could (unless you do actually dislike the author). Instead, we move directly parallel and perpendicular to them, allowing us to either see the beauty in their words while running along side them, or, if unable or unwilling to see, crash directly into them—closing the book entirely.

But that’s the form of the book. Though each one is calculated and regulated within a series of constraints, each one still feels unique, and it’s the job of the designer and author to make it so we’ll always flip the page and run parallel. Unless, of course, the text IS actually garbage, then the designer should probably dig through the trash and pick out a suitable typeface—because you can’t really lie about it, it’s not good practice.

So in 2015, I loosely started writing a little about book/cover design to keep track of typefaces, publishers, cover designers, book designers, and the patterns these all began to form, from a newly formed book club—I couldn’t really help it (would love to design a legitimate one some day). I won’t share my older posts that were just starting to form some type of structure with consistency and viewpoint here, but this year, I will start sharing some of them. I’ve only just started my review for January, but when it’s ready, I’ll place it here, so you can read along if you’d like. If not, that’s cool too, I’ll do it anyway.