Donna Nelham reviews ‘Designing Regenerative Cultures’

What The World Needs Now: An Invitation to Co-Create a Viable Future for All

Daniel Christian Wahl
Sep 6 · 2 min read

We desperately need Daniel Christian Wahl’s ‘regenerative voice’ heard loud and clear, beyond the ecological community that is already traversing a transformative path. This book & the wealth of resources it contains must reach the mainstream & cross over multiple sectors & disciplines!

It carries scientific knowledge, important questions, practical suggestions & compassion relevant & accessible to anyone who cares about a viable future for humanity. It could become the ‘toolkit’ for those in leadership roles to make a positive difference locally and globally.

We need ‘disruptive innovation’ that transcends myopic, competitive old paradigmatic values, & helps to rebuild a new economic life enhancing & sustaining business model.

Daniel offers powerful macro & micro lenses through which to understand our history, the challenges & real consequences we face & the alternative paths we must wholeheartedly choose. Please read and share widely!

Watch this video as a poignant primer. ‪

Dr. Daniel Christian Wahl, (Author of ‘Designing Regenerative Cultures’) , Findhorn Foundation, Scotland, October 2018

Donna Nelham — Inspiration Strategist — The CORHE Group Inc. (acronym for Creating ORganization & Human Effectiveness) & Chief Strategy Officer — FRACTAL Workspace; Donna has a 30-year career in management consulting focused on organization strategy, design, organization behaviour & a deep understanding of human psychology.

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