Taking the Systems View: climate change as a driver of SDG implementation

“At COP22, there was growing recognition that countries will not reach their sustainable development goals without addressing climate change, nor can climate change be addressed without promoting sustainable development. The continued well-being of our economies and societies demands urgent action towards a zero-carbon, climate resilient world.”

— Paula Caballero WRI

“The Commonwealth’s priority is to move from commitment to action. … a month ago we convened a groundbreaking and dynamic gathering on ‘Regenerative Development to Reverse Climate Change’. It brought together biologists, ecologists, oceanographers and regenerative development specialists to consider ways of reversing the human impacts on climate change. Our focus was to develop positive actions for the living world to restore climate balance including biomimicry, permaculture, ecological engineering and circular economies. It is through such pioneering approaches … that progressive global consensus can be built to create a saver and more sustainable future for all.”

— Baroness Patricia Scotland, Secretary General of the Commonwealth Secretariat,

This article was first published in the newsletter of Triodos Bank (Source)

Daniel Christian Wahl

Written by

Catalyzing transformative innovation in the face of converging crises, advising on regenerative whole systems design. Author of Designing Regenerative Cultures

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