Curious about cryptocurrencies and haven’t jumped in? Embiggen is for you!

New technologies take off when they are easy and fun to try out.

Lately, you’ve probably been hearing a lot of buzz about cryptocurrencies and blockchains. All your techie friends are getting way into it, and probably trying to talk you into giving it a try.

They’re probably telling you that it’s going to Change Everything, and that people are making a lot of money using it! And you’re probably starting to get curious about it.

Yet you wait, because a couple of issues are stopping you.

First, to get started with cryptocurrencies, you have to jump through a lot of technical hoops.

Second, even if you manage to muddle through, you still have to spend some money to buy in.

And let’s be real, Everything Changers are dead-ends as often as they succeed, and it feels like a lot of effort to get into something new that might end up being a huge waste of time and money! (I’m looking at you, Xbox Kinect.)

Pictured: A metaphor for what Microsoft did to the world with Kinect. Also, a typical gaming experience. image credit: torsor (DeviantArt)

So if you’re like most non-techies, you’re playing it safe. When it comes to new technology, you’ll wait to get into it until someone else:

a) comes up with an easy, inexpensive way for you to pick it up and try it out, and

b) gives you a good reason why you would even want to go to the trouble!

And when it comes to cryptocurrencies, there’s still no easy, inexpensive way to take them for a spin.

Until now.

In April, I co-founded my very first startup company with some really close friends of mine, and we’ve been asking ourselves what it would take to get EVERYONE involved.

And I believe we’ve figured it out!

Pictured: figuring it out.

What we’ve done isn’t all that new. In fact, it’s been done every time a big new thing starts to live up to the hype.

My team at OpenRelay has been hard at work building an easy-to-use interface that walks you through 3 simple steps to give you a cryptocurrency that you can’t run out of! And now, we’re giving it away for free. (!!!)

You’ll have to spend a couple of bucks and maybe 10 minutes to get it, and that’s only because we can’t afford to pay you to take it from us. But we’re not charging or making any money off of it.

Ok, so why are we doing it?

Well, mostly because we’re having fun and want to bring everyone to the party. Our team really believes you’ll enjoy the water once you jump in, and we believe the faster more people get involved, the more fun it will be!!

We’re also testing the system we built to distribute it. That is the real magic. Our system, called OpenRelay, is the thing that even makes it possible for the whole world to get involved.

Before we built OpenRelay, distributing tokens was way too costly and time-consuming to do for free, and even after the expense and effort, it wasn’t very much fun for anyone involved, especially not for the customers, many of whom were experiencing cryptocurrencies for the very first time (not to mention spending a lot of money to do so).

My team is crazy-excited to see OpenRelay in action, because we believe it will shine at what it was built to do. And you will really be helping us out a lot if you give it a try!

So are you curious enough to see what this is all about? Check it out at:

If you’re up for an adventure that you can begin and end on your smartphone or laptop, and you want to help us test out a system that could really bring cryptocurrencies (and lots of other crypto-things) to everyone, non-techies and techies alike, then give it a try! If you try it and you’re not into it, no worries, it was only a few minutes and dollars, and we’re grateful for playing along!

If you do like it though, then you’ll have taken your first steps into a world of wonder, a place where the possibilities are endless and the future is being constructed today. And we’ll be glad to have you with us.

2018 has already seen Embiggen added to the dictionary. Now you can add it to your wallet. What have you got to lose? Or for that matter, to gain? Cheers!!

Greg Lang

Co-founder and CXO


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