I took on the challenge of taking apart speakers in order to learn as much as I could about how they work. Using the parts I re-designed the exterior and interior of the speaker to allow for the best quality of sound as well as having an exterior that would have a sense of fluidity and movement.

I have always been interested in learning more about my environment and everyday products. A speaker is something I use daily and it sparked my curiosity, I grabbed my speaker and took it completely apart I then continued my research to learn why everything was arranged the way it is. This inspired me to Re-design the speaker with what I have learned and put it back together in a better way. The colors I chose are based on the colors used in transportation design as I wanted the speaker to make a statement as well as convey fluidity and a sense of movement with the exterior form. The minimal Design is because I want the exterior curve to be the focal point without adding noise to the silhouette of the shape.

I first started by taking apart an existing speaker and I then sketched and took dimensions of every piece inside the speaker for future reference. After more research was done on the internet as well as with a few interviews I had with a speaker manufacturer I started to sketch possible new designs. I moved on to create foam core muck-ups to get a sense of scale and be sure that all the electronics would fit. I then did wood and acrylic/plastic muck-ups. The refining process continued by picking the colors as well as the final finishes such as logo placement and buttons materials.

I learned a lot about how speakers work and the different processes used with different materials. The response has been that the shape of the speaker is harmonious and well though out. People specially enjoyed the process and learning how I completely transformed an existing speaker into the final Visionario design.

Taking on a project like this where you go from sketch to reality is an amazing way of learning about how the products that are a part of our everyday lives work, as well as the process that it takes to make a product function.

Alberto Esses

Mexican Born Designer currently studying Industrial Design at ArtCenter College of Design.