I Created a Lorem Ipsum Generator for Donut Enthusiasts (Part 1)

Diamond Alexander
Sep 30, 2018 · 4 min read

I’m not sure why this seems to be the Javascript side project of choice for new developers/programmers but it is and so I made one too! I couldn’t decide what theme to give the generator as there are SO MANY cool ones out there! Check out this website called MeetTheIpsums for inspiration! (I think this one and this one are my favorites right now.)

I settled on donuts because I love them, they will be visually gorgeous once I come up with a style for the generator, I love them, there are fun donut-related words to use for the paragraphs, I love them, and I am currently not eating gluten-containing foods — which makes me want to focus on donuts all the more. I have plans to create a fun outdoorsy-style ipsum generator in the future with all of this free time I have as a full-time master’s student ;)

I haven’t styled the generator just yet because a) I couldn’t decide between going retro or ultra modern with the styling, b) I completed this at 4:30am, and c) I was just happy the “Copy to Clipoard” functionality finally worked that I figured that was a good time to take a break. And it was 4:30a

I am very grateful to this tutorial by Robert Cooper and the inspiration I found from the MeetTheIpsums website. It’s amazing how you can start with someone else’s code and watch your project evolve and morph into something informed by the original but still unique to you. I appreciate as well that “copywork” does not mean you’ll be free from having to search for answers to things, read dictionary entries for the language you’re working in, troubleshoot why it doesn’t work even though you were CERTAIN you followed the tutorial perfectly (my life always), or free from anything else resembling real work. It is still very much a learning experience and is characterized by difficult work at times, even if you didn’t write your code completely from scratch.

I struggled with the “copy to clipboard” functionality the most, honestly. The original tutorial did not include instructions or code for this as I think the author added this to his site later on. I tried to follow his actions in the repo but they didn’t work for me. I tried gaining help from W3Schools and other tutorials until I got this one from Shaik Maqsood to work (praise hands). I combined this jQuery solution with the hide/show Javascript from Robert Cooper’s repo to only show the “copy to clipboard” button after the text has been generated. I tried a variety of ways to create some kind of confirmation alert/transition as well so that the user would know the copy worked correctly without having to paste it somewhere first. Haven’t added that code in just yet but will figure it out eventually. I have always been a tinkerer, creator, puzzle-lover but this class is showing me that I really do enjoy solving problems and I am proud that when I give myself the time to play, I keep trying things until I figure out a combination that works.

Working on this project has also motivated me to change my coding habits to try to get more of it done during the day. I am a night owl by nature but I would like to start coding during the day so that I can reach out to my peers when they’re actually awake and to give myself more time to keep going when I’m in the flow, instead of guiltily looking at the clock and knowing that I really should be sleeping more. I wanted to explore CSS and work on the “copy to clipboard” function a little more that night/morning but I was exhausted and had plans the following morning. Should have started coding at 3pm and not 11pm!

My next project is to expand my breakfast quiz into a logic-driven program (I think using JS and php but not sure yet) that can actually take the answers someone has chosen and give them a curated result, as opposed to sending the user on a pre-determined trail of HTML pages. I also have a side project I would like to work on for my grandma but that is a little further down the road.

Here is a clip of time-lapsed footage of me working on this project — I will add a Part 2 once I’ve styled it and put together all of the footage. As you’ll see in the clip, I started playing with styles but currently, the actual generator is quite ugly. You may also see that I considered making a “Gluten-Free” themed ipsum generator but decided to shift my focus later on. How delicious looking are those photos of donuts from Google Images? *drooling*

Bon appetit!

Repo: https://github.com/diamondalexander/donut-ipsum

Technologies used: Javascript, Jquery, Express, and Node.js

Diamond Alexander

Written by

Visual Designer + Developer building cool stuff in Denver, CO. MA in Strategic Communication Design at CU Boulder (August 2019)

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