I Created a Lorem Ipsum Generator for Donut Enthusiasts (Part 2)

Diamond Alexander
Oct 10, 2018 · 2 min read

Check out Part 1 here

Here is the conclusion of this project — I am proud of the outcome and had fun digging into flexbox more this time around. I was finally able to create a fixed column on the left side for my donut images and a scrolling style column for the content on the right side.

I was honestly tempted to just use floats and width percentages again to make my two column layout work but as I pursue a career in design, and web/app design in particular, the way I do the little things now will impact the way I design bigger things in the future. Sure, I am tired as a grad student and have many other assignments in addition to this one. And still — I need to keep pushing myself to learn new skills and not continue to rely on what is familiar to me/comes easily to me.

For the design, I took advantage of Unsplash’s simple API to create randomly generated background images of donuts for the left column of the app. I created a collection on Unsplash and call the images with a url in my CSS. I also created a custom donut icon for my favicon and as the “o” in a custom logo/quote that sits above the generator.

Overall, this was a great assignment to practice my Javascript skills on. I think I want to work on creating a Chrome extension next…

This video is a lil shorter since I added a teaser video to my first post. Enjoy!

Repo: https://github.com/diamondalexander/donut-ipsum

New technologies used: Javascript, Jquery, Flexbox, Unsplash API, Express, and Node.js

    Diamond Alexander

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    Visual Designer + Developer building cool stuff in Denver, CO. MA in Strategic Communication Design at CU Boulder (August 2019)

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