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Andrei Herasimchuk

Designers should learn code, but coders need to learn design

While this is a great article, I continue to take issue with this very one-sided conversation.

The high-tech industry is becoming more and more design-driven. Some of the biggest names in the business are putting real time and effort in to ensuring that design is first in their thinking.

Take the recent Google brand redesign, and quite frankly all the things Google has been doing in the design space. They realize that to succeed today, design must not be an afterthought.

So with that in mind, why are we still only talking about designers learning to code, and not coders learning to design?

As important as it is for designers to learn HTML or Javascript, it just as important for engineers/developers to learn color theory or information architecture.

For ever line of code a designer writes, an engineer should be sketching an interface.

And every time we think we should tread down this very worn and defined path of “Why designers should code,” we should remind ourselves that the door swings both ways.

And instead of writing yet another article on the subject, we should turn the conversation around, changing the headline to “Why coders should design.”