How Not to Make Your Engineer’s Life Completely Terrible
Charlie Deets

Why are there so many articles out there that explain all the things designers should be doing to get along with engineers, but almost zero talking about what engineers should be doing to get along with designers?

Designers are peers to engineers, not subordinates. As such, while designers should make every effort to improve their communication to engineers, engineers should be doing the same.

I expect engineers to understand the basics of design. I expect engineers to understand the process is more complicated than just opening up “Photoshop” and drawing some boxes. I expect engineers to understand — and even participate in — all the steps that go in to making an informed design.

But most importantly, I expect engineers to be adults, and speak professionally to designers when they feel that designers are not giving them the detail they need. I expect them to work together to find the happy ground between designers articulating every small detail and engineers being left to fill it in on their own.

To build a great digital product requires a strong level of respect and communication between designers and engineers. And the only way this happens is when both sides are willing to give as much as they take.