Hire Web Designers and Developers: Designmodo Launches Job Listings

Designmodo recently launched a new job listing section and continues the transformation of website. The new Jobs section of Designmodo.com is a place where companies that are looking to hire web designers and developers can post available jobs.

While the Jobs section has been open to beta testers (as part of a massive redesign), thanks to positive feedback it is now public.

The new section contains information on how to post jobs and a link to details and the application form.

Hiring Advantage for Companies

Designmodo has significant exposure among industry professionals, and companies have a chance to hire the most talented personnel for full-time or remote jobs thanks to a connection with the website. Job listing advantages include:

  • Target audience with a listing in the job section, on the first page, shared in social media accounts (550K+ fans) and monthly email newsletter (320K+ subscribers).
  • Thousands of talented designers and developers read Designmodo every day.
  • Designmodo’s products and Market attract companies and freelancers who build websites and apps for clients.
  • Easy search between job listings.

Designmodo’s hiring solutions make it easy for you to find and hire amazing talent. With plans for every size team, Designmodo gives you the tools, knowledge and support you need.

Employee Advantages

Designmodo is visited by big and small companies who search for and hire professionals. Some advantages for job-seekers include:

  • Opportunity to be hired by big companies and work with creative people.
  • See all details of a listing and decide if you’re ready for this job or should improve your skills.
  • You have the opportunity for growing in good company.
  • If you don’t want a full-time work, search remote work opportunities.

Universal Job Tool for Designers and Developers

The launch of the Jobs section on Designmodo will help creatives and those in need of creative workers make connections. Thanks to its solid reputation as a design/coding resource, Designmodo is a logical fit.

With strong advantages and an established network of users, Designmodo Jobs is the new go-to resource for creatives and companies looking to connect.