Postcards 2 Coming Soon

Hey friends! It’s been a long time without updates here about Postcards, but version 2 is almost ready. We’ve been busy with refactoring code on the online to make it compatible with old versions of Outlook (we really don’t recommend you to use the old versions of any software … please update your apps!).

Create an Email Newsletter without Coding

Long story short, we’ve finished the online editor for Postcards! We’re excited to release it in July. What does that mean for you? You don’t need any coding knowledge to build an email anymore.

Online Editor Preview

Just click the edit button and start to customize your design.

New Workflow to Send a Newsletter

In the first version of Postcards, you would build, export, customize locally (code stuff), import and send a newsletter to customers. Now, the new workflow is all visual. Build, customize, export and import to your favorite email service provider the newsletter; that’s it — there’s no code editor anymore!

Change all you need, directly in App.

You can edit, upload, remove, and add elements visually, without touching the code.

Ok, But What About the Code?

Code is an important aspect of an email newsletter. Postcards 2 contains the optimized code. We worked hard to make it compatible with Outlook (the big challenge with newsletters) and after a few preview tests we have obtained a good-looking newsletter even in old Outlook versions.

The code is well commented, and the modules are delimited by comments, so is easier understand where the module started and where it ended.

We hope you liked the sneak-peeks. You will find more information about the release and details about new functionality in the Postcards 2 presentation and app.

Please share your comments and ideas with us!


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