Postcards: The Second Sneak-Peek

After announcing the first Sneak-Peek of Postcards we received useful feedback and very positive reactions. Postcards is close to being released, but we want to share new images of this tool with you now. (We’re still open for feedback though!)

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NOTE: In this post, we present the work in progress. To be clear, it’s not the final version, we just want to share this work stage. The functionality and UI/UX can defer in the release version of Postcards.

Easily Build a Responsive Email

In the first Sneak-Peek, we said the tool will be easy to use — it’s true, just check out the gif below and you will see that all you have to do is drag and drop predefined “modules.”

This is how fast you can make a new email template with Postcards.

Postcards contains many predefined “modules;” the gif shows just a little part of all modules we have prepared for you. Also, we’ll continue adding new “modules.” (We have a very long to-do list of “modules” and other functionality-improving ideas.)

We want to create an all-in-one tool to build beautiful email newsletters.

Responsive Ready? Yes!

It’s strange to receive an email that’s not fully mobile optimized; a responsive-ready product is not a feature, but a core obligation for every web product. But we continue receiving daily newsletters which are not responsive ready… it’s sad…

Postcards Preview mode that let’s you see how your email would look like on Desktop and Mobile.

You can see in the above gif file, Postcards will have preview functionality, so you can check how the email newsletter looks in desktop and mobile versions.

What do you think about the second Postcards Sneak-Peek and functionality?

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