Slides 4 Coming Soon

During the last year we worked hard on the new release of Slides Framework. We haven’t updated this product for a few months due to our website redesign and rebranding. But soon, we’ll be ready to release Slides 4!

Info: We created a Facebook group where you can ask questions and share tips related to Slides Framework, plus share your work! Join the group here.

Slides 4 will have the same functionality as Slides 3 and in addition we added the new design and features.

New features include:

  • Brand New Design.
  • Better mobile view, better typography.
  • New Styles tab on the Generator. Set fonts before exporting.
  • Two new Slide effects: Chain and Vertigo.
  • Two New Side navigations: Line and Pole.
  • New Generator feature: Ability to put scripts and styles at the bottom of the page.
  • Added ability to Hide Panels on Scroll and ability Show only on first/last slides.
  • New Generator feature: Ability to add Tooltips.
  • New Generator feature: Ability to add anchor links.
  • Added ability to preview panels faster.

Important improvements:

  • Easy control of margins and padding for mobile devices with classes.
  • Slider now supports Animation.
  • Add Parallax to any element for Scroll effect.
  • Added jQuery 3.x Support.
  • Updated style of the preloader.
  • Added ability to show and hide Dialog windows on delay.
  • Added ability to copy White Slide to clipboard from Generator interface.
  • Tons of small bug fixes and improvements.

Brand New Design

New “Styles” Tab on the Generator

New Slide Navigation

and mooooore….

I hope you liked the sneak-peeks. You will find more information about the release and details about new functionality in the Slides 4 presentation and new videos. Create static HTML website templates with Slides.

In the meantime, share your thoughts and suggestions here in the comments or in our Facebook group. Join the group here.