Slides 4 Coming Soon

During the last year we worked hard on the new release of Slides Framework. We haven’t updated this product for a few months due to our website redesign and rebranding. But soon, we’ll be ready to release Slides 4!

Info: We created a Facebook group where you can ask questions and share tips related to Slides Framework, plus share your work! Join the group here.

Slides 4 will have the same functionality as Slides 3 and in addition we added the new design and features.

New features include:

  • Brand New Design.
  • Better mobile view, better typography.
  • New Styles tab on the Generator. Set fonts before exporting.
  • Two new Slide effects: Chain and Vertigo.
  • Two New Side navigations: Line and Pole.
  • New Generator feature: Ability to put scripts and styles at the bottom of the page.
  • Added ability to Hide Panels on Scroll and ability Show only on first/last slides.
  • New Generator feature: Ability to add Tooltips.
  • New Generator feature: Ability to add anchor links.
  • Added ability to preview panels faster.

Important improvements:

  • Easy control of margins and padding for mobile devices with classes.
  • Slider now supports Animation.
  • Add Parallax to any element for Scroll effect.
  • Added jQuery 3.x Support.
  • Updated style of the preloader.
  • Added ability to show and hide Dialog windows on delay.
  • Added ability to copy White Slide to clipboard from Generator interface.
  • Tons of small bug fixes and improvements.

Brand New Design

New “Styles” Tab on the Generator

New Slide Navigation

and mooooore….

I hope you liked the sneak-peeks. You will find more information about the release and details about new functionality in the Slides 4 presentation and new videos.

In the meantime, share your thoughts and suggestions here in the comments or in our Facebook group. Join the group here.