Why Developers Use (and Love) Slides Framework (Survey)

Slides Framework is one of the buzzing tools for web designers and developers. The powerful tool allows users to make presentations and websites using a set of mix and match parts so that everything comes together and looks great quickly.

But before you look away, it is also a tool that developers love. Even with the set of plug and play tools, web developers actually use and rave about Slides Framework. Here, we’ll take a quick look at what Slides is and the results of a developer survey from actual users.

What is Slides Framework?

Slides Framework, in short, is a timesaving design tool. Use it to build a website like animated web presentations that look amazing and don’t take long to build. Slides is built on a powerful generator that allows you to pick elements that you like and combine them to create a great design.

How to use online app.

Every component in Slides has been crafted for aesthetics, function and usability so that every element can be used alongside any other element for a seamless design. Plus, there are 180 elements to choose from, so you are sure to find everything you need.

Every part of Slides is fully customizable, so you can make your design work “right out of the box” with a template or really make it your own. Either way, the end result will be a beautiful presentation-style website design.

Slides Framework 3 (biggest release!)

Developers are using the tool for their own website projects as well as client work.

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“The framework is fantastic!” said Thomas Amos of Design Box Media. “This has given us a great foundation to really show off our work and what we can provide. We are using this framework for our own website and we know that we can really take our website even further with all of the features and options we have with the Slides Framework. We have already been asked by clients to use this for their new websites, too.” https://designboxmedia.co.uk/

Want to know more about Slides? You can get it here.

About the Survey

Everyone connected with Designmodo fell in love with Slides Framework pretty much at first sight. But the real question was if other developers would love it too. The natural answer was to ask them.

Designmodo created a 10-question survey for users to gather feedback about Slides Framework.

The results were overwhelmingly positive and actually showed the team that developers are using the tool even more than expected. (The survey also provided useful feedback about features that developers want to see in future updates; so stay tuned!)

Here’s a recap of that survey:

  • Slides users include marketing managers, freelancers and plenty of web developers
  • Many of the users are consultants or work at a director level at their companies
  • Results were mixed when it came to how Slides was used, splitting between individual and client work
  • The most popular use of Slides is for a slide-type presentation, followed closely by multi-page websites, then regular scrollable pages and longreads
  • User levels were fairly equally distributed between I-have-no-coding-skills, beginner, advanced and expert levels

One of the most interesting bits of the survey was in how developers have used Slides Framework:

  • Presentation tool
  • Custom static mini-websites or microsites
  • Inspiration for projects
  • To promote and present projects or products
  • To make internal websites quickly
  • For client websites
  • To build pretty much anything quickly

You can see that Slides Framework is a versatile tool and can be used for almost any type of project you can imagine. One of the key similarities in the survey answers was this: Slides is a great tool if you want to create something that looks great fast.

Why Developers Use Slides Framework

But what do developers actually say about Slides Framework? Designmodo is getting plenty of feedback there too.

Detailed Documentation for Developers

Here are some actual Slides Framework user testimonials and their websites that were built using the tool. (It really is a key part of any developer’s toolkit.)

Ready-made Examples of UI Elements (see more in online).
“Slides Framework is the best thing that has happened in this decade to create amazing responsive websites,” said Tommy Högenberg of the Sweedish website ACL Stuteri AB. “A tool I really appreciate. You have done a great job!” http://www.aclstuteri.se/
“The framework is a fantastic way to get a product site up and running without the overhead of a typical CMS. We love the product and its flexibility,” said JP Holecka of A-Say. http://a-say.co/
“Slides Framework can help achieve a visually explosive look with lots of cinematic style effects, quickly and reliably,” said Bob Kiernan of Auto-ISAC. https://www.automotiveisac.com/
“Perfect! It helped me creating a professional looking landing page in quick time with my (let’s say a bit outdated) web development skills,” said Daniel Kersten of Memo Confido. “But you still have all possibilities (compared to other landing page generators).” https://memoconfido.com/
“Love it! It’s very organized with a lot of options for customization. Very user friendly,” said Shannon Berg of MedBiz Media. http://medbizmedia.com/#lead
“An incredible framework almost good as slice bread,” said João Silva of Just More Digital. “One of the top tools that we are working with and hoping to apply even more.” https://www.justmoredigital.com/
“Slides Framework is an excellent departure from popular libraries like Bootstrap that have homogenized the web,” said Zach Lyon of Joinify. “There’s a nice web app to build quick prototypes for the views you want, then it’s just some quick changes to content and you’re done!” http://joinify.com/

Most-Loved Features

One of the survey questions asked what feature of Slides was the most liked. And while there were a lot of responses — thanks to an abundance of cool features — a couple really stood out:

  • Animations and transitions
  • The overall design
  • The Slides generator (online app)
  • Variety of elements and templates available
  • How easy it is to use and understand
“Slides is extremely easy for us to build out specialized marketing sites,” said Matt Briney of Mount Vernon. “It’s a very clean and customizable display that is mobile friendly and efficient to create new campaigns on the fly.” http://www.mountvernon.org/site/potus1/

Other key features of Slides Framework include:

  • Ability to create an unlimited number of websites
  • Clean code
  • Hassle-free interface
  • SCSS support
  • Modular content block to design with
  • Highly customizable tools
  • Material Design icons
  • 100 percent free updates


Developers overwhelmingly agree that Slides Framework is definitely worth a try.

Ivan Mbakop of Pyxels said: “Awesome and easy to use product.” http://pyxels.io/

So, don’t just take our word for it. Plenty of developers are already using Slides. Try it yourself to see how much time you will save … and how great the end product will look.