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Jul 10 · 3 min read

We listen our clients. After the successful release of Startup version 3 (product of the week on ProductHunt), we received a ton of feedback.

One of the most asked-for feature requests is Ecommerce predesigned blocks, so we immediately started work. Here we have 40 absolutely new designed blocks that are ready to use in the Startup app!

40 Ecommerce Designs

What type of designs?

Product categories

The new product category pages feature large image previews, description text, and pricing boxes so you have plenty of options to show your startup’s work. The designs are sleek and streamlined to it is easy to show off your goods without spending too much time worrying about how to build the design.

The new release includes five different options for you to create product category pages.

Product pages

Choose from full-screen card-style product pages, group like products in a product bundle, or use drop down product pages for products that allow shoppers to make custom choices such as size or color.

You can even change colors to feature a white, minimal background, or go with a trendy bright color.

Not sure what style of product page you want? Startup now includes 20+ product page options that you can browse before making a choice. There’s something here for every type of startup and any type of product or service.

Cart pages

The premade designs feature a streamlined cart design that allows shoppers to see what they have added with everything right on the screen. (Shoppers love to see items one last time and these designs bring product previews right into the cart page.)

Checkout pages

Simple form options allow shoppers to enter an address, payment information and promos, delivery options and confirm checkout on easy, quick screens. The best part? This type of checkout process works exceptionally well on mobile since users can see each form option on the screen.

Startup is taking all the guesswork out of an ecommerce website design for you. (And making it easy to create and customize.)

Thank you pages

Designs allow you to add a thank you message and buttons to track orders or keep shopping. (Don’t forget to create more return engagement.)

Each page design is simple and direct, telling the user exactly what they need to know about the order they just finished placing.

We will continue to update Startup; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!

❤, Designmodo Team

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