Upload Static HTML Pages with New WordPress Plugin

We’ve been working hard on a new tool to solve a common design problem, and it’s now ready.

Static Pages is a new WordPress plugin from the Designmodo team that provides a simple solution for creating and upload a static web page with a custom URL.

For years, customers have been asking for this feature and until now, we had to refer them to a programmer for help. But now, with Static Pages, you can publish any static page on any WordPress website quickly.

Static Pages gives you the flexibility to add custom landing pages, set another URL and drive traffic and campaigns to your current WordPress website. Other uses include adding pages for subscription forms or creating test pages for different functionality.

Just download and install the plugin, upload a website archive, set a URL and you are ready to go!

Features include:

  • Multi-page support so you can create a link for every HTML page uploaded
  • Dynamic bracket shortcode for effortless design
  • Replace pages on the fly and change URLs with a few clicks
  • Reuse common assets to create more pages quickly
  • Create pages on any of your websites … there’s no limit
  • Set any URL for your main landing page and sub-folders
  • No extra scripts to get in the way of your code
  • Edit the uploaded HTML and make quick changes to styles and scripts with the AceIDE editor

Try Static Pages for yourself and see how quick and easy it is to create a static page on any website with any URL. It’s free for Designmodo customers with Slides or Startup.

We hope you love Static Pages as much as we do. And if you aren’t already a Designmodo customer, don’t fret. You can also download the plugin for $49 per year (or purchase Slides or Startup first and then get Static Pages for free.)

❤, Designmodo Team

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