What’s New on Postcards 2.9? Collaborate with Your Team!

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Jan 13 · 2 min read

Let’s collaborate! With the Postcards 2.9 release, there’s a new collaboration feature. Now you can use one Postcards subscription with colleagues and build an email template with your team.

How does it work?

Open the Postcards app and click on your avatar, from here you can invite one or more members to your Postcards workspace.

Team Preview

There are two roles, Viewer and Editor. The viewer can see projects and the Editor can edit and create new projects. This future is available only in the Agency plan. Here, you can find more details.

More Updates?

Yes, after the latest announcement we have continued to silently update Postcards. We added a feature that allows you to restore project backups. So, you can save a ton of time if you lose changes in your template. It’s like versioning for all your projects.

Open the project and choose the backup time.

Also, we refactored the Menu, Header, Content, and E-Commerce modules and fixed a few issues with background images in Outlook.

Keep up with all Postcards app updates and features by clicking the notification icon.

Postcards changelog.

We will continue working to improve the Postcards app in 2020; and we’ll release a big update for Postcards 3!

🙏 We’d love to get some feedback and we’re happy to answer questions!

❤, Designmodo Team

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