I’m behind on this project.

There was too much to do this week. Too many needs. More than I could think about. I got behind. Then discouraged. Then a little apathetic. Then I just wanted to feel good stuff. A good meal. Drinks. Entertainment.

Giving in to hedonism is seductive and easy in the land of instant gratification.

There’s nothing wrong with refreshing and resting. We need re-creation and relaxation. If you feel tapped, worn out, overwhelmed, or in too much pain, get healing.

Sports doctors know that muscles under constant strain break and fail. Scientists know that minds are more prone to misjudge and mistake when we are tired, hungry, or stressed.

Get away. Take time. Find comfort. Indulge. Ask for and accept care.
Enjoy it deeply. Let it be for you. Let it build you up. Let it re-create your imagination. Let it re-energize you. Let it satisfy you.

Ignore tempting thoughts of laziness. Put your to-do list on pause. Live for the moment as if all is or will be just fine.

Banish guilt ruthlessly.

You can’t do everything alone. Neither can we. We will need you to step up when we are in need of re-creation. The fight may never be over, but we can’t individually keep fighting all the time.

When you need to rest, find a way to make the time to renew, then take it.

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