In the face of such massive energies and emotions, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and reluctant to engage. Sometimes I feel I’ll be swallowed up or washed away.

I try to hold on to a few key things when those feelings come.

Today’s way:

You are unique. You must remember that no one sees the world the way you see it. No one cares like you care. No one loves like you love.
See, care, and love like no one else can.

You are the only one in the world with your perspective. Try as we might to share ideas, thoughts, and emotions, we are just separate enough that what we see and feel and think is ours alone.

And this is beautiful. It is the infinite wealth of humanity that we each carry our own pearl, our own diamond, our own glimmering snowflake. We are each crafted from adversity and grace, refined by pressure and polish, and destined for moments of incredible beauty.

The world would be less without you and what you bring to it.

Let us know who you are so we can know the blessing of having you with us. Let us be seen by you, cared for by you, and loved by you. And you by us.

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