Husbands, Make Good Love to your Wives
Joel Michael Herbert

I feel similarly to Ben. I read your “Modest is Hottest” article, and I agree with the majority of your tips, but was expecting something a little more balanced. For example, not all male spouses have a stronger sexual urge than their female component, and it’s difficult to find any Christian writing that addresses this. Also, most wives I know (including myself) aren’t taking care of most “domestic tasks” around the house. Even if I were, doubt that my husband helping out more would make us both feel more inclined to make love.

Maybe you could write a follow-up article about what to do if one of you wants to make good love but one or both of you are both tired, and it’s been at least two weeks, if you know what I mean. There’s so many factors to consider.

Again, I really liked the first article that I read from you (and the second, too, about literal Bible reading), but this one felt like a not-so-thought-out Relevant piece.

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