Search Technology Used By Ecommerce Sites To Promote Product Listing

Search technology or search engine marketing is internet marketing which is a medium to promote the respective websites. The websites are promoted by increasing their level of visibility in search engine result pages through optimizing and advertising the website. Search engine optimization is a process of search technology which is responsible for affecting the visibility of a website in search engine organic or natural results. The eCommerce sites are, nowadays, relying on search technology to promote product listing.

Depending on the placement of the site and the number of times it appears in the search list, it is likely to get as many visitors. Hence, it is the best way to promote your business online as through this you get more customers, both global and domestic, than otherwise possible. Product listing is the result of the websites repeated appearance on the search engine or man. At times a website also pays money to a search engine company as fees for the inclusion of their website amongst the other result pages.

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Product listing appears either amongst the organic search list or separately in the advertising area. With constant appearance in the search engine, it attracts more and more consumers. Paid inclusion is a tool of search engine optimization since experts can then test different ways to improve rankings and provide it with a significant position amongst the other products in the online product listing. The product listing ads appear in their specific boxes on Google search which is different from the text ads. They may, however, appear at the same time as text ads showing both product listing ads and text ads on the Google search page.

Benefits of product listing

More traffic

Product listings have shown a significantly higher click through rate than text ads which are displayed in the same location, especially in cases of ecommerce sites.

Better qualified leads

It helps the supplier to provide more detailed and quality information about the product in the product listing which helps in providing the user with more valuable information about the product and aiding him to make an informed choice. This is likely to result in the shopper completing his purchase on your website.

Retail-centric campaign management

Product listing use product attributes that you define in your merchant center instead of keywords leading to showing your ads in relevant searches

Broader presence

It is helpful as more than one advertisement can be displayed for a specific user search and along with this your text ad is also more likely to be displayed thereby doubling your consumer traffic.

Product listing sites and website promotion

Product listing sites are a platform for consumers to browse any product of their requirement and also allot them the opportunity to compare prices that different manufacturers, brands, suppliers have to offer and buy accordingly by selecting a deal that best suits their need. These sites are more useful for the suppliers, businessmen, manufacturers as they provide them with an opportunity to showcase their product in such a wide environment that is visited by people from all across the world, providing them with a consumer base which is many times more than what they would have had.

For such satisfactory and profit-yielding promotion, these ecommerce sites are sometimes charged a nominal amount as service fee to help in such wide scale promotion and at other times its free varying from website to website. With the passing time more and more ecommerce websites are taking advantage of this potential search technology to promote their business and products.

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