To claim you are not the beneficiary of white male privilege is the real sign of a weak intellect…
Elle Beau

Again, you know nothing about me as an individual, my personal struggles, or my achievements. Only that I’m a white man. I’m not sure how on earth you think that’s an acceptable means of judging someone, or how it’s useful in any way to do so at all.

Maybe someday social media will have a “privilege-o-meter” and we’ll be able to see how our score ranks in comparison to each other. So much of how life turns out, I’ve learned a little late, has nothing to do with anything but our beliefs, and how we choose to navigate misfortune. The world’s a fucked up place. Even worse for those who spend their precious time righteously blaming strangers on the internet for imagined injustices.

“Mansplaining” is a slur against all men, unequivocally. It removes the individual and applies a negative attribute that exists in all humans to an entire gender, wholesale. It doesn’t make you wise, smart, or even baseline capable of independent reasoning.

Sadly, there’s not much difference between you and a bot. In a few more years AI will overtake you intellectually, which will make it far more challenging to simply walk away from a poisonous online conversation like this one. By then, all you’ll be able to signify to the world is resentment and bitterness, a strange yet prescient badge of honor which lights your dark passage through life, like a self-fulfilling prophecy. I sincerely wish you freedom from all that, but you’ll have to earn those stripes at your own expense, like everyone else.