The reason for operating from the point of view of acknowledging your privilege is that in the…
Elle Beau

No-one has walked in anyone else’s shoes, and everyone has the right to speak their truth. That’s what you don’t seem to accept. Being “minority” has become an easy trope used for people who want to play identity politics instead of investing in themselves as individuals, then finding ways to add value to society as a whole, which is what bridges these divides. If you want to talk about “agency”, that’s the only formula that actually works to elevate people beyond the despair caused by injustice, which exists in some form for the majority of life on the planet, irrespective of race and gender. Everything else is literally noise, and continuing to pick at scabs.

From what I’ve seen of your output, you seem to enjoy quite a bit of that finger wagging. I’m all too familiar with your point of view — it’s textbook Social Justice Warrior 101. That was my point about you being no different then a bot. It’s not even your point of view to lay claim to. If you want to develop your own point of view, it helps to widen your intake of information to include opposing viewpoints, instead of drinking from the same fountain. Only when you begin to empathize with both sides of an argument can you ever hope to formulate an individual perspective, arrived at by filtering layers of meaning across history and perspective. Adopting a set ideology designed to incur political objectives always aim to attach power and agency to one group while dis-empowering and invalidating another. That’s bullshit, and it doesn’t matter if it’s black, white, woman, or man.

The best way to not be a victim is to project your life forward to where you want it to be, which means literally tricking your mind. It takes discipline to walk away from the reality that put you in the darkness. You can’t “fight it”, you’ve got to save yourself. The way out of victimhood isn’t anger, it’s forming a deep connection with God. That’s my view, and believe it or not, I respect and understand yours. I’m simply tired of being told I don’t have the right to an opinion when my gender or race is being unfairly attacked, and I should think you’d feel the same. It doesn’t make me angry, or ignorant, or stepping on anyone else’s rights to stand up and say how a silly word makes me feel as a person. Name calling is just a ridiculously unproductive way to interact with people—didn’t we learn that in Kindergarten? Our unique experiences are what makes us worthwhile, and there’s simply no positive value in making blanket statements that take away from people’s core humanity.