I am frequently swayed by new information, as can be demonstrated by the fact that I just yesterday…
Elle Beau

Oh Jesus, Elle.

I spent 2 years of my life in a legal battle for my daughter, acting both pro per and in conjunction with attorneys. I took this time off from my career, not by choice but necessity. The hundreds of books on family law, psychology, personality disorders, history, articles, documents, videos, conversations with experts, consultants, private investigators, online forums, and constitutional law could easily fill it’s own towering piece of furniture, but it’s not something I wanted to live with after I won my case. My legal file from that time has its own spare bedroom.

You don’t know what you’re talking about, and it’s not my job to do your homework, or teach you how to develop curiosity about people or the world. It’s clear you’d rather skip all that hard work and just get straight to the part that contains all that validation from others who are just proxies for yourself.

In order to evolve, we must always be willing to endure a never-ending process of building up models for action, then casting off what no longer serves us. Ideas are merely building blocks on one end of that process. I’m a fan of Peterson, but hardly the epicenter of my universe. I’m equally a fan of Brené Brown, his polar opposite. I draw inspiration and knowledge from a wide range of disparate sources, including personal experience, but also God, which I experience through faith, intuition, and careful observation. My opinions are therefore indeed fragile, adaptive, and responsive, in accordance with my purpose, also not fixed but constantly renewed more clearly.