We all want to learn new things. We just can’t figure out how.

It’s your canvas. You paint, what you want to — Unknown (ok, it’s me! Pretty deep, eh?)

Last week, I was at an event, sitting amongst a few product designers. I had just finished a humble brag about my self-taught product design journey — being a civil engineering grad to currently a Sr. Product Designer at a leading business agency in Toronto. Just out of nowhere, someone asked...

How did you self-teach product design?

“Trends” is the keyword one should be using in the title tag, for better SEO. So suggests, Uncle G.

The first work week of 2017 is about to come to an end. My inbox & slack is already overloaded with blogs and medium links about the latest design tools, trends and predictions to watch out for, in 2017.

A new year, usually brings with itself a glittery dreamy unicorn-like ray of enthusiasm and hope. It’s the enthusiasm of an evolution of design trends and hope of newer, better tools that would help us design better! But.. NO.

Feedback is coming!

How to keep subjectivity away from your app/website design

What’s never mentioned in a designer’s job description is the core responsibility of being able to define the rationale behind your designs, especially against the subjective opinions from first impressions.

In my 6 years of experience as a designer, working on digital products, I’ve heard this statement from clients, colleagues and bosses:
“Well, I would not click on that call to action,” or even better, “I wouldn’t know there is content below the fold!” — Yup!

Do we have a repackaged annoying salesman amongst us?

In this fast lane to sell our companies for a kabillion $$ and exit, everyone wants to just hack their way up. Let’s draw some beautifully drawn squiggly sketches on user journeys, the conversion funnels and then focus on how to push the user to bottom of the funnel at every step. That’s growth hacking, right?

Startups disrupted industries for a reason. There was too much noise and not a lot of value for the end consumer. People were sick of information hidden under piles of marketing brochures and collaterals.

The current high tide we’re on, has lot of folks…

Inspired by the slack chat posted by TWG on future of front-end development + the newly released Product Design Report 2016 by InVision

Last year, this time, I was the Lead Designer at one of Canada’s largest e-commerce companies. I left the same and joined a fast growing digital agency as a Senior (Product) Designer. The only few times, I cared to reflect back on my job title was either during a job search or updating my LinkedIn profile — most of which, happened at the same time.

Designers often have a love-hate relationship with tight-boxed designations. We do not…

The mental tussles of a creative mind.

I’ve been a designer for almost 5 years now and I constantly juggle between this urge to use my design for solving societal problems around versus just making things look pretty for some quick buck. That said, I do not undermine how much a badly designed website or logo bothers me.

Personally I feel, the whole purpose behind designing (graphic/web) is to help communicate the message in a more conducive manner. …

Preet Arjun Singh

Designer, Founder, Community Builder @ DesignX.Community

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