3 Reasons you need 3D Designs from your Interior Designer.

Are you in need of a home makeover? Maybe it is time you replaced that old couch or added a fresh coat of paint to the wall. Matching colors and figuring out home layout can be a bit of a challenge.

That is where an interior designer comes in. They have the eye you need to create the perfect combination of colors and balance for you home. If you are ready to decorate your home and need the help of a designer, there are some questions you will want to ask to make sure you get what you want.

How do I tell my interior designer what I want in a way they will understand?

No one wants to pay for something they do not understand. That is why it is important that you work directly with your designer to come up with a concept that will work.

You will need to be able to explain the description of your idea to the person you hire. Be sure to show your designer your existing fabrics and artwork. This will give them something to go off of to turn your idea into a reality.

How will I know my designer understood my requests?

Designers work with their clients in a number of ways. Depending on the individual, there are a few ways you can expect them to show you they understand your request.

Talk to you- some individuals will talk out the plans to you. They will repeat back to you what they understand your ideas to be. They will also tell you of their own plans and give feedback about your ideas.

Show drawings to you- you might be shown a drawing of the design idea. The individual will map out where furniture will go, along with artwork and knick knacks.

Use software for a 3D rendering- sometimes, you might get to see a 3D rendering of your home and the plans. This is a great way for you to see what the designer has envisioned.

Remember, you hired them for a reason, and it is important to trust the designer you are working with. They will take your wishes into consideration, but you should not be surprised if something did not make the cut.

Which way is best when it comes to understanding if my designer gets me?

When the designer explain to you verbally, you will have to rely solely on your imagination to see the picture they are painting. You’ll have to rely on your own mind to try and visualize colors, placement of furniture, and other aspects of the room. This process can be quite challenging for those that have a hard time visualizing a scene in their mind.

This is also true for sketches and drawings. It’s very challenging for the interior designer to effectively communicate the designs to you. Again, this will require you to visualize what color schemes and the whole picture.When it comes to 3D rendering, it helps the interior designer to better illustrating the design concept. Using 3D images will allow you to see your home with the right coloring, decor, furniture and other design aspect.

Since 3D images paint a clear picture of your proposed design. You can be easily get engaged into the design right from the beginning and make informed decisions or any suggestions if you have.Regardless of the way your designers uses to show you the idea of what your home will look like, you will need to trust the individual. They are good at their job and capable of piecing together a look that you can enjoy.