The brand has been defined in multiple ways, multiple times.

Yet no one’s sure of its actual definition. So I decided to dig deep to truly understand and hopefully find a better simpler definition for the word brand.The first definition that came to mind was of Jeff Bezos-Your brand is what other people say about when you are not in the room. Then I stumbled on Seth Godin’s definition of the brand i.e- Brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationship that, taken together, account’s for a consumer’s decision to choose a product or service over another…David Aaker said Brand can’t be defined in few lines. Brands are conditional, intangible and legal assets for a firm. They act like a signal of perceived value to all the stakeholders. The perceived value (benefits) may range from functional to psychological associations. Here again, Aaker definition ends with the word association.

Over going through over 100 definitions of the word Brand, I realised that almost every single definition uses the word meaning association, connection, a relationship in them.

Again a lot of people argue about the fact that the brand is not a logo, a tune, a personality etc. But I deduced a simple point anything that lets you build a connection with the brand, is, in fact, a brand.

In simpler words- A Brand is a Bond.

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