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3 min readSep 4, 2020
Spacious Living Room

Located in Lodha Belmondo, this spacious 3BHK flat offers a unique theme interior theme in the ever-evolving city of Pune. While starting the design, the Studio’s vision was to deliver a minimalistic and modern design theme, bringing together sophistication and elegance through use of soothing colors, rich fabrics and modern accents.
The most important gathering place in every home is the living room, which the Studio has tried to make uniquely comfortable and pleasant.
The use of dining hanging lights, rail lights and diffused ceiling lights help create an ambiance for every mood.

A comfortable leather sofa sitting adds to the luxury quotient of the living room. Stone cladding wall design and the abstract painting breaks the monotony of the colors.
A velvety floor rug tones down the yellowness of the flooring.

European window serves as a bridge between the kitchen and dining area. Full height TV paneling, a combination of stone and wood, adds up to the grandness of the living room. The TV unit is sleek, functional and matches with the dynamics of the room.

A multi-utility shoe storage unit with ambiance foot light and a stony accent wall with monotonous color completes the foyer and gives a spacious look.

Background features like the white 3D wall panel, diffused ceiling lights and a smart console gives the passage its own identity.

The basic concept behind the kitchen design is a clean, open, minimal and functional space. As for every family, kitchen is the focal point of the home, hence, we have simplified the space to meet the minimalist aesthetics.

The kitchen follows a two-tone color combination. The main platform also houses a back painted glass giving it a modern touch. Two tall units, one being the appliance unit and the second being the utility storage unit make the service counter compact.

The openable European window connects the dining and the kitchen area, and also opens up the kitchen to the outside view.

Sahil’s room uses a combination of blue and cream color.
A space saver foldable bed with a leather bed back and a sleek tall book storage completes the look. A graphic wall paper brings the punch to the subtle colors.

The modern study, a wall mounted storage unit makes the space functional.

We at Aspire Arch Studios believe that interesting textures aren’t only pleasing to look at, but when you contrast them they are great providers of balance in all white interiors!



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