At Project Ronin, we’re designing digital products that help doctors and patients make better decisions about cancer care. One way we do this is by bringing the patient voice to doctors, enabling patients to track their symptoms and report any side effects of medication immediately as they happen.

Because many cancer patients are older and may have varying degrees of familiarity and experience with tech, we’ve had to be extra thoughtful about how our app is designed, and make some important choices to facilitate usage amongst an older population.

Here are some of our design considerations:

1. Make the text easy to read.

One big consideration when…

Or why we need more UX designers in “untouched” fields

Image via Kai Schreiber

My wife, a nursing student, was sharing with her teacher about how passionate I am about technology in healthcare. Her teacher responded that she thought we need less technology and told a story why she felt so strongly that way. I would like to share this story with you.

Jenny, as we will call her because the patient's name was never shared, was a little girl who had previously been in the hospital ward for cancer for four years and was discharged. Then a while later…

8 Things I've learned in my first year as a Product Director in a small startup.

tl;dr just read the big text, if you want the details please read on…

About a year ago I joined a small startup as a Sr. UX/UI Designer and after a few short months I found myself in front of my boss who was asking if I wanted the role of Product Director. To be honest, at first I said no.

While our start-up was small, the role was not. It required managing all aspects of the product: Direction, bug documentation and management of 7 engineers (5 on-site, 2 remote). I had some experience in management but nothing that would…

Why can’t quality brands get it right? (Hint: It’s hard)

Everywhere you look a new car manufacturer is coming out with a screen-based User Interface. Many of these companies have a long legacy of premium designs and a focus on the driver’s experience. Why is it then most of us wince when they reveal the tacky, confusing, or overwhelming user interface?

Before we get into why, let’s review some examples of some the current Car Interfaces actually in use…

Corvette Stingray

Jonathan Shariat

Dream. Think. Do. I am a UX Designer with a passion for simplicity and ɹoıʌɐɥǝq ɹǝsn ƃuıʎɟıpoɯ. Follow me @designuxui

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