SketchNote Journey _ Post #2

Classroom notes through the eyes of a UX designer

Hello fellow Sketchnote takers, graphic facilitators and sketch aficionados!

I am keeping my challenge alive as promised.

This week was super exciting. We learned about visual design and how it goes beyond just the aesthetics. We are in the process of reviving our project 1 app and creating a landing page for it. I must say, I am a little concerned about my sketchnote taking this week since it will be a heavy coding week in class, but hey, we will see. I have plans on exploring new UX environments this week as well, so I hope to take my sketches beyond the classroom and out for a UX world spin.

In the meantime, take a look at this past week’s sketches …

Thank you for checking out my Sketchnotes. Please feel free to send me your comments and suggestions. I am always looking forward to new visuals, drawing methods and overall UX design knowledge.

See you all next week!

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