Virtual Furniture Shopping

“It will be available for your use in 6 months.”

This is what Israel Medina introduced the audience to at the DCTech Meet-up this evening. You will be able to see the furniture in your own living space, in the color and size you want. This will absolutely change the furniture world in the everyday consumer sense if the right manufacturers come on board.

I was able to briefly speak to the Pair 3D crew and asked a couple questions. As the inner interior designer in me, I very much wanted to know if they were thinking of catering to the everyday consumer or the professional designers out there.

Israel responded, “We first started with the professionals in mind, but quickly learned that it was not as profitable.”

I agree with this statement since most designers already work with specific manufactures or they always go ahead and have custom pieces produced. Also, professional designers already do their own type of modeling in programs such as Revit. I do wonder if this could be incorporated into the AutoDesk world.

So with the furniture and interior design industry in mind I asked. Who is making or providing the actual furniture models for your virtual ?

He immediately responded with, the manufacturers such as Herman Miller and Ikea provide us with these furniture pieces.

I only see this as an issue and limits the use for the every day consumer. From what I could tell from the list it was very limited, but seems like there is room for manufacturers to join the virtual movement.

Bigger picture idea this is a huge deal! I am very excited to see how this new technology evolves and how it will shape the furniture +retail future business.

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