Caste system..

so me and my wife are visiting Dallas it was humbling to go visit JFK’s memorial. But come to the next phase of my dallas visit., it was our kalyana naal. Interesting to know how we are different in our life in the US., but the caste system that rooted in in India has not changed a tiny bit travelling all the way here.

so we enter the temple in dallas suburb there were two kids who were singing. Fantastic singers and it was really very nice to make sure my kids are able to sit through the singing. Then came the nasty looks that was out there from the devotees who were sitting there. Comming from chennai, I have a strong root sense of who are all “Iyers” aka brahmins and who are not. I could sense that the temple that calls itself Peetam is from sringhari matam and all the devotees u there are brahmins. My wife def does not look like a brahmin. The nastiness and hostility that you feel when these people stare at you is simply amazing. The best part is you can feel this hostility in Dallas that 9300 miles away from chennai. I personally will take the cold and make my kids thick skinned over how to handle all sort of people, but caste discrimnation- dunno if I will ever succeed.
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