The $205 million industry that helped murder ‪Srinivas Kuchibhotla
Anirvan Chatterjee

Firstly, let me say congrats this write up made me sign up and respond. A few points. You make a good argument about Vincent Chin, but few questions jump to mind.

  1. Chinese/Japanese and Religious radicalism: Kamikaze pilots and Japanese products just cannot be compared with Jihadists and Islamic fundamentalism. But your drift is cogent.
  2. It would have helped immensely if you would have also cited some strong Islamic efforts to weed out or report radicalism. Many articles floating on the internet make a strong case for the voice of liberal Islam.
  3. To answer to Sujatha’s Q on good people. At the macro level the Indian/Hindu community is identified as a “Model Minority” not by the Indian/Hindus themselves but the US as a whole. So Sujatha what’s your take on the community and the requirements for being good? Are we not good enough for you? :)
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