Desiree Joy Frias for NPC

Desiree Joy Frias
2 min readJul 21, 2021

Our candidate video interviews just dropped! Watch here:

Hi! My name is Desiree Joy Frias and I am running for NPC. My background is in law and policy, from representing children suing their public school system for accommodations to applying federal pressure to draft and pass the American Rescue Act as Campaign Director of People’s Bailout. As a first generation Afro-Latinx queer mother it is important to me that DSA is a radically welcoming space for all socialist organizers as we unite workers in multi-racial and intergenerational class struggle to redistribute wealth, wages and political power.

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Photo is of over 40 comrades in prospect park, brooklyn, new york posing with a banner that reads: disarm defund abolish @defundNYPD and Many have their fists raised. There are two children in strollers.

Candidate Compendium from National:

Revolutions Per Minute (NYC DSA radio show on WBAI 99.5FM), which I have co-hosted for two years now:

Community Fridge Network in which I serve 8 of the Bronx and Uptown fridges:

My linkedin:

I’ve received two endorsements during convention!

First, the endorsement of the LSC:

The photo is titled “LSC endorsed candidates national political committee:”. Then there are five headshots of comrades: aaron w, austin g, desiree joy f, jenbo, justin c. Beneath their headshots it reads “these candidates come from different backgrounds, organizing traditions and even tendencies. They have received the endorsement of the caucus because of their commitment to supporting participatory and member-led democracy in DSA and commitment to projects such as mutual aid, abolition and antifascism. They are committed to building an organization that is led by its members and develops them as leaders, rather than simply responding to the demands of mobilization campaigns and coalition politics”

Second, the Endorsement of the ‘Intersectional Socialists for Black Lives’ (ISBL); a multi-tendency Coalition of Delegates (26) from Los Angeles that includes comrades from SMC, LSC and more. This endorsement is with Comrades Maikiko James, Aaron W and Kevin Richardson.

The photo has a multicolored pride flag (often called the progress flag) on the background. It is titled “Intersectional sodalists for black leaders (ISBL) slate proudly endorses: Desiree F, NYC DSA” . It then has a headshot of Desiree, she is wearing glasses and has curly hair.

Please reach out to me on the delegate slack if you have any questions.