I Let a Stranger Watch Me Masturbate

Photo by Emily Wang on Unsplash

I got home from work late again. All I wanted was to change into something comfortable and sit back on my couch with a book.

My blouse and skirt landed on my chair pretty much the instant I closed my apartment door and kicked my shoes off.

Tired and distracted, I wasn’t aware that I forgot to close my blinds until I spot him.

I stood in my living room wearing only my bra and panties, lights on, no blinds. He was standing by the window of his living room in the building across the narrow street from mine.

And he was looking. He was looking at me.


My heart was pounding, my skin felt warm. I was furious. I was disgusted. Or was I? I could’ve easily explained away my body’s reaction with those emotions if I wasn’t acutely aware of the wetness in my panties.

I stepped closer to the window, facing the nosy stranger. He didn’t give in.

A daredevil. Let’s see how daring he really is.

I slowly removed my bra. Feeling the stranger’s gaze fixed on my breasts, I caressed them. My own gentle touch was surprisingly exciting in this bizarre situation.

Oh my, he’s touching himself! What do I do now?

I knew I should have closed the blinds immediately, but I didn’t. I couldn’t.

I slipped my hand into my panties and explored just how wet this shocking encounter got me. My panties and pussy were drenched, my fingers slid easily over my throbbing clit, my hungry opening, and inside my yearning hole.

The stranger in the window continued pleasuring himself boldly and I followed suit.

“Alright, let’s play,” I said out loud as if he could hear me.

I squeezed my nipple and fingered myself looking directly at him.

Can he see me biting my lip?

Details of his face were hard to read from the distance. But I could decipher his orgasmic grimace. It was just what I needed to push me over the edge and I came just moments after he was done with me and disappeared somewhere in the darkness of the rest of his apartment.

I caught my breath and closed my blinds. Eyes wide open, a light involuntary smile on my face.

What the fuck was that?



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