This Week’s Energetic Forecast and Practices to Align With Your Best Life

This week’s energy is tumultuous, but it’s neither good nor bad. If you’re feeling motivated, inspired and creative, it means you’re not resisting change. If you’re feeling low and overwhelmed, read on for some ways to shift into enthusiasm.

Right now, there’s a lot of soul retrieval needing to happen from past lives, ancestors, intense experiences and painful relationships. Soul retrieval means that we’ve left a piece of our energetic self in the past and need to recover it in order to lead in grounded, empowered ways with all of our vitality and awareness.

Here are some signs that you…

What to expect, focus on and look forward to

Hello, 2019! The following is channeled from Source and the Akashic Records. May we follow the deepest calls of our inner being and act from the truest honor.

What is a bird’s-eye view of 2019?

2019 is a clearing of the storm, a tummy-wrenching catapulting with speed and momentum into projects of larger breadth, scope and fun. This new world contains and unlocks new options, paths and conditions, adding variables that predispose us to grow, flourish and really meet the most colorful, vibrant, unique, loud, spectacular aspects of ourselves with total confidence and delight. It sets the stage for a…

One of my favorite tools for letting in positive outcomes

One afternoon on one of my drives home, I noticed my thoughts going to a painful past event. I caught it right away, reminding myself, every thought is a manifestation. And every thought is creating my future reality. Was this what I wanted to create more of? Absolutely not. I thought of what I did want. I wanted harmony. I wanted freedom. I wanted prosperity. I was working on my relationship with money and my mastery of allowing abundance in all its forms. My inner voice offered the statement, “I’m having fun manifesting an opportunity for increased income today.” This…

How dreams work with intuition and manifesting

There are those nights when we wake up from dreams of being chased, or our teeth are falling out, or we’re trying to yell but no sound comes out. Then there are those delicious dreams in which we’re snuggling with a gorgeous love interest, vacationing in exquisite locations and landing dream jobs. Many of us are familiar with basic dream interpretation, but there are so many ways to use dreams as a way to connect to our intuition and align with our manifestations.

Using dreams to guage our alignment

Our dreams often reflect what’s in our subconscious mind — fears…

Turning Problems into Epiphanes

You know those moments when a problem comes up, maybe one that’s become a pattern for a while — the same argument with a partner, roadblocks in our career, physical ailments popping up — and we feel completely at a loss as to how to solve it, but it’s become way too loud to ignore?

Here are three things we can do to get us back on track.

What area of life needs more attention?

Maybe we value our romantic relationship the most, and our career is calling for us to thrive, shine and lead. Maybe we’re doing awesome with…

How I Rooted to Believing Before Seeing

It was around 12:30 p.m, and I was taking a walk by the ocean. The day was bright and clear, the sun warming my skin. I had been consciously choosing my thoughts and emotions, tapping into abundance and reconnecting with my true self, purpose, power and desires. I was feeling appreciative, hopeful, inspired and grateful. As I was typing this, I accidentally wrote “gratefuel.” This is no coincidence! It’s just another reminder from Spirit that gratitude is what fuels our manifestations and successes in life. Anyway, back to our story! I was feeling so good that I exclaimed to the…

Ask the Daily Question, “How May I Serve?” to Align with Success

We all have desires, preferences and goals. We have the ability to manifest and allow everything we dream of into our experience. We also have a vast potential of unique, powerful offerings our spirit wants to contribute to the world. The more we develop, learn, awaken and remember our soul purpose, the more responsibility we have to align with and act on how we can help others and even grow beyond our original intention through the spiritual tools and abilites we acquire.

The universe is always supporting us…

A Channeled Message from the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a realm of consciousness — an energy field much like a universal hard drive — that contains all information on everything that exists, including our spirit’s journey across past lives, present circumstances and future possibilities. Akashic Record Healings and Readings are an opportunity to tap into our highest divine potential. By reading our spirit’s blueprint for the paths to take on our highest mastery in our spirit’s evolution, we can find clarity and guidance for the good of everyone involved. …

Gifts of Communicating with Departed Loved Ones and Unborn Children

Our most treasured relationships with loved ones don’t end with physical death, and our bond with future children can begin well before conception. We can feel the support, advice, company and love of these beings of light whenever we wish to speak to them. It’s an almost indescribable privilege, and it’s also as natural as life itself to have this unconditional connection. Unbound by any limitations of whether or not our loved ones are in physical form, we can continue to develop our relationships, evolve together and assist each other using, literally, the best of both worlds.

Love across time…

Conserving our Energy for What Really Matters

It started with leaving the light on in my car…twice…and people graciously telling me about it so it wouldn’t drain my battery. Then, my bathroom overflowed with water, twice in one week. Everything that happens is feedback from the universe, and I immediately went to, “What is the universe telling me right now? How am I attracting this?” It turned out that just as my light was draining my car battery, I was losing energy to unproductive thoughts. Just as the water was overflowing in my bathroom, my energy was overflowing and being…

Desiree Lanz

Psychic channeler, personal growth writer, spiritual teacher and healer. Follow me on Instagram @desireelanz

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