Coming alive!

The transformation of the kids from one week ago to now is so amazing! When they first arrived they were so quiet and shy. Now they are just coming alive and we are really getting to see their personalities. I love these kids so much. Seriously God has stretched my heart so much on this trip and showed me that with God’s love I can love so much greater than I ever imagined.

Tomorrow I finally get to move into the orphanage! I’m so excited for that! Today we unpacked a container of school supplies, crafts, books and toys for the kids from schools in the U.S. The children were overjoyed to see everything and they helped us move it all into their new home.

I can’t stop thinking about the kids. I love them as if they were my own. I never thought about adoption before just because I always feared I wouldn’t be able to love them as much as I wanted to, but God has definitely showed me otherwise. I love these kids and never want anything bad to happen to them. I want them to have big dreams and know they can be anything they want to be. I want them to know how loved they are not only by me but by their Heavenly Father who will never leave them. I asked some of the kids today what they want to be when they are older and 2 of them said they want to be a pastor..I almost cried. I really believe these children are going to be great leaders both spiritually and hopefully politically in their own country. Change happens through one person at a time. I believe the blessings that are in this orphanage are going to have a ripple effect on the whole village.

I’m just so happy being here. I’m laying in bed just so at peace and in awe of God. I can’t wait for tomorrow to just be with the kids again. One of the boy named Edward, is teaching me Twi (the second language here) and he said he is going to quiz me tomorrow…so I’ve got to study up on it! This boy is seriously the funniest and sweetest thing..I probably will be talking about him a lot so just be prepared.

“Me da see” (thank you) for reading