Dance is our common language!

Today we went to the village of Ntukum where Devon went 6 years ago to open 2 wells. This village is so remote that before they had to walk for miles to get any water but then Devon on her 16th birthday felt led to raise money to build wells there. This village is where she got the vision to start Project Nyame Nsa and open an orphanage in Ghana. She was also made Queen of the village because of her faithfulness to them. Visiting today definitely makes sense why she fell in love with Ghana…

The moment we stepped off the bus we were greeted by tons of children running to us and all the villagers welcoming us. They were playing music and right away they brought us to the middle to all dance together. I seriously had the BEST time!! Like no video or picture can do it justice. It was so much fun dancing and they were so good!! I definitely needed some tips lol. After dancing we sat down to formally meet the elders of the village. Then the children went up to show us some dances and sing songs.

After the ceremony we got to see the wells that were built and just hang out with the children. There was somewhat of a language barrier with some of the kids because I don’t speak Twi but nonetheless we were able to just love each other by smiling, holding hands, playing and dancing. Love is something that doesn’t need to be expressed in words.