Last week

I don’t know how I’m going to go back home. The thought of saying goodbye to everyone makes my heart hurt.

These kids have taught me so much about love and what true happiness looks like. Every morning I wake up to the sound of children laughing and playing and then I go and open the front door and they come running giving me huge hugs and screaming “Auntie Desi Auntie Desi!!” They are all so affectionate and always want to be holding my hands. Then I go back into the house and have breakfast and do devotionals and pray with Devon and then we go back out with the kids. During the weekend I plan games for everyone but during the week I have a class schedule.

This past week we had English class everyday. Watching them learn so fast and get so excited about learning has made teaching so much fun. It’s something I look forward to. There was one boy who couldn’t even read one word when he got to the orphanage and yesterday he read a whole book to me!! He was soo excited that he went to every person and asked if he could read it to them. Now he asks me all the time to read together. These are the moments that make you realize the important things in life. Investing in others and seeing their joy on their faces is priceless. Seeing this boy read his first book at age 10 is something I will never forget. We take for granted being able to read and having been able to get so much help when we were little by either our parents or extra help in school. But these kids never had someone just sit down with them and be patient with them as they try to read. Over 50% of Ghana is illiterate most kids can’t even get help from their parents because their parents can’t read either and then this becomes a cycle. Well, now 22 of the children at Prpject Nyame NSA have ended this cycle because of the Grace of God.

I have one more week here. I am going to continue soaking up everyday and continue to be engaged. I’m going to try my best to not think about leaving because I know it will just make me sad.

I love all 22 of my kids ❤️